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Experience Carnival in Charlotte with A Night In Rio

A scene from of ‘A Night In Rio’ in 2017.

The Latin American Coalition will bring the 9th Annual Brazilian Carnaval to Charlotte with ‘A Night in Rio!’ on Saturday, Feb. 24 at the Neighborhood Theatre. Pre-sale tickets are $15.

Throughout many countries in the Caribbean it’s Carnaval or Carnival season. Carnival, a festive procession that includes music, dancing, celebration and traditional costumes takes place before the Christian holiday of Lent.

In recent years the event has become trendy thanks to social media showcasing the celebration and festive costumes.

Celebrities like Rihanna from the island of Barbados has also contributed to its popularity with stunning costumes that top the former each year.

Rihanna at Crop Over in Barbados in 2017.

The Coalition wants you to put on your green and yellow, try a caipirinha, and get a taste of Carnaval through dancing, live music, authentic food, drinks and a bustling marketplace.

For more information visit


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